In this section are included the main market researches in the fields of sports, music and events. You can download all files.

Commercial Trends in Sports 2017
With global sponsorship spend forecast to reach over $62 billion in 2017 and global media rights spend expected to hit $45 billion, Nielsen Sports has analyzed the changes happening across the worlds of sports, media and technology by listening to the industry, examining the relevant data and carefully considering the impact of these changes.
The following pages detail what we regard as the 10 MAJOR COMMERCIAL TRENDS IN SPORTS.
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Cycling in Italy 2016
Italian Language
Nielsen Sports - Ciclismo in Italia 2016
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World Sports review 2016
A 360 degree view of sports in the world and number of views and spectators.
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F1 in 2016
This report examines Formula One’s commercial and media landscape and takes an in-depth look at how some of its most storied teams are diversifying, applying the lessons learnt on the race track elsewhere – important insights for anyone already investing in Formula One, or looking to do so soon.
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Tennis Insight 2017 Italy (Italian language)
This report offers a qualitative and quantitative overview of how 2016 tennis season has been used in Italy. The focus is on the characteristics of enthusiasts and practitioners, the level of the main events, the volume of sponsorship investments and Enthusiasts' conversations on the web. (Italian language)
Nielsen Sports - Tennis Insight 2017.pdf
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Sport Online 2016
This report has been designed to take stock of how sport, a premium and much-prized live entertainment form of content at a time of unparalleled flux and fragmentation across the media world, thrives in this online age.
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European Football 2016
This report considers the national team landscape in European football, the opportunities for sponsors and players at UEFA Euro 2016 and beyond and the changing media habits of football fans across a continent where football continues to stand out from the crowd.
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Women and Sport
Women and Sport explores the rise in the importance of both female athletes and female fans. Female sports competitions, female athletes and female fans present a major opportunity to the business of sports around the world.
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Motorsports in Italy 2016 (Italian language)
This report offers a general overview of the quantitative and qualitative results achieved by motor sports in Italy during the 2016 season. The focus is on dedicated TV shows, segmentation of enthusiasts, how they perceive the components of their favorite sports, enjoy the show and chat on the web about competitions.
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World Golf 2015
This report carried out a survey of the global golf community – the golf industry and who subscribe to the Golf Business Community – during August and September to gain an insight into the current state of the game, its tournaments, the sponsorship landscape, the spectator experience and how the sport’s future is shaping.
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Branded Content and Product Placement in Italy (Italian language)
This report offers a general overview of the quantitative and qualitative results of product integration for commercial purposes within entertainment formats. The focus is on ways of enhancing exposure to digital and television platforms, with examples of product placement in X-Factor Italia and during the Golden Globe Ceremony.
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Live Music Report 2015
This first global live music sponsorship report has been designed to examine the current landscape, from festival to venues, tours to artist endorsements; this report concentrates on the young (14 - 34 years olds) music audience in the five major global music markets: USA, UK, France, Germany and Japan.
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News: Il Sole 24 Ore
Doppio successo del Volley italiano: 800.000 spettatori e finali Champions
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