Sponsorship Inquiry Guidelines:


We receive a lot of proposals each month, many of which we reject because they do not adequately meet our needs. We have developed this document to make our requirements clear to potential sponsorship seekers and to encourage the presentation of proposals that meet those needs.


We generally need a minimum of two months lead-time to effectively plan and implement our brand clients’ investment and sponsorship leverage activities.


We prefer projects that integrate activation/engagement opportunities for potential brands to invest in sponsorships before, during, and after the event or campaign.


We expect the event and/or project is funded in full, and not underwritten by brand/sponsorship investment.


We work on a monthly retainer applied to commissions basis. Our minimum retainer is for two months; the retainer paid is fully applied to commissions earned as a percentage of sales. Our commission rate is calculated based on various factors, including overall budget, project valuation and term.


We require agency exclusivity.