ManSpo is a branding and sponsorship division working with leading brands worldwide. We are a full service agency built to serve the best talent, athletes, brands and properties in the world. Our experience means we are able to offer a consultancy in sport related marketing and communication. We are specialized in averdtising, PR, events, sponsorships, image rights and premium sports hospitality packagesWe have a full experience in the event and venue/property marketplace within the sport and entertainement area. 

With our Athletes and Players' division, ManSpo is an innovative full-service  agency that represents professional athletes. Our clients benefit from expert contract negotiations and a dynamic sales and marketing group focused on driving revenue and building personal brands. A client-first attitude translates to personal attention and service wich has earned the confidence of our clients. We are based in London and Milan. We also have a vast network of high profile contacts with ad agencies and interactive marketing channels, both in the Europe and troghout United States, United Emirates and China.